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'A solution to provide peace of mind that assistance is only a button away'

Violence against women and children in South Africa today negatively affects our society in many ways. It demeans both the victims of violence as well as the perpetrators and reduces the equality of all human beings as enshrined in our South African Constitution. The reality is that most crimes of violence against women especially is not reported as the victims feel that the SA Police Services will not take their cases seriously and as has been reported in our crime statistics, the Policemen themselves are in some cases perpetrators of violent and sexual crimes as well. These crimes are sometimes perpetrated against the very victims who come to Police stations to report their cases.

In the past few years we have had some high profile crimes perpetrated against women. Anene Booysen, Reeva Steenkamp and a host of others including the brutal rapes and murder of innocent children bear testimony to this scourge of violence suffered by women and children in 21st century South Africa. Men also suffer crimes of violence at the hands of other men and in some instances, women, although this is not as prevalent as the violence women suffer at the hands of men, where the perpetrators are mostly known to the victims.It is against this backdrop and in an attempt to make a meaningful contribution to the eradication of this scourge, that Alert21 was developed.Alert21 is a personal safety Smartphone Application (App), designed to provide the users of the service with the assurance that the alert they send to the call centre operator working in a 24/7/365 environment, will provide the details of the alert to the relevant authorities such as the SA Police, Ambulance services, Fire Departments, the user’s private security company as well as emergency contacts.

In addition, the Alert21 user has the knowledge that the alert is stored on an independent server and in addition, the Alert21 user can use the smartphone to take a photograph of the perpetrator in addition to recording voice. All these details are stored on the server. In the event of a criminal prosecution, these details can be used as evidence.

The GPS location of the incident is also logged onto the server and even in a case where the Alert21 user is abducted or hijacked, the signal will ensure that as long as the Smartphone is with the user, the location of the person can be reported to the authorities. In the event that the Alert21 user is abducted or hijacked, the Alert21 call centre operator will have an updated GPS location.

Should the Smartphone be switched off or the battery dies, the alert remains active and once the phone is reactivated, the alert continues unless aborted by the user or call centre operator, once the appropriate codes are entered. Individuals with a medical condition, living alone, will find Alert21 very useful. At the click of a button, medical services as well as emergency contacts will be informed so that help can be dispatched. Fires in informal settlements are notoriously difficult to pinpoint but with Alert21 the GPS location will greatly assist the Fire Department in deploying its services to an exact location within the informal settlement and hence save lives and property. This could also apply to fires on mountains and along roads.

smart protection working for you

One-touch activation

Activated alerts create live, real-time communication between you and dedicated control centers. No unreliable SMS to friends or family members. Immediate response, assessment of situation and deployment of necessary Emergency services or other. Operators are monitoring your position in real-time on digital maps and have access to volumes of information useful in assisting you.

Guaranteed response & Tools

Dedicated and trained staff are manning control centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The app includes a useful LED torch and SOS strobe light mode, particularly useful in the dark and when trying to attract attention.

Live data streaming

Throughout the duration of the active alert, regular positional data is streamed to the control center. You can also communicate with the operator from within the app using the real-time streaming text, record audio and capture photos. Everything is streamed to the servers in real-time and is managed by the operator.

redundancy protection

Even if your phone battery dies or you are forced to switch it off, once switched back on, the app will automatically resume its real-time streaming to the operator. Loss of signal opeartes in a similar manner, therefore never losing audio or image data recorded while experiencing poor signal coverage.

secure data storage

All data generated during an alert is recorded safely and securely on our servers. Only you have access to it should you require it for legal purposes or any other reason.

duress mode

In situations where you are forced to abort the alert by a perpetrator, you simply enter in a duress code (created on registration) that will inform the operator that you are under duress. The app will pretend to end the alert, however will continue to remain active in the background.

Frequently asked questions

Currently the monthly cost is (TBA) including VAT.
Please refer to the next FAQ for payment options and discounts available.

You will require a SmartPhone with a data plan as a minimum in order to use Alert21. Currently the application is available on Android only.

The system has intelligent redundancy and fall-back software that monitors the state of your device's data network connectivity. In the event that network service is interrupted the system stores all data internally until the data network connection is available. Once data connectivity is re-established, Alert21 sends all accumulated data to the incident center.

When you set up your profile you create two cancel codes. One is a normal cancel code and the second is a DURESS code. If the DURESS code is entered the incident centre will know that you are under duress and the alert is not cancelled. Under duress the alert is elevated to the highest level.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) details are the contact details of someone you want to be contacted in the event of an emergency. This is in addition to the incident center directing the appropriate EMS service to your alert or any other relevant action required under your the circumstance.

Yes. Where you have provided us with the details of your security company we will also immediately inform them of your emergency. In the event that you are outside the service area of your security company, the incident centre will endeavour to locate an Alert21 security partner that will attempt to assist as well (Please refer to PARTNERS)

The primary purpose of Alert21 is to provide you with real support when your safety is threatened.
Other applications are:
  • Rapid response in medical emergencies.
  • Rapid response to fire emergencies
  • Alerting authorities to suspicious behaviour.
  • Road side assistance, both in the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown.
  • Property intrusion.
  • Hi-jackings.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Civic responsibility situations
  • Requesting assistance for others

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